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Turks and Caicos Reservation Services is dedicated to finding the proper villa that suits the individual needs of your vacation party in terms of location, amenities, services, villa layout and price range. The management of Turks and Caicos Reservation Services has no ownership in any of the villas that are represented. You will be dealing with a highly experienced professional who is intent on finding the villa that suits your individual needs and price range. There is a very great personal familiarity with all properties that are represented by Turks and Caicos Reservation Services, as well as a personal relationship with villa owners and property managers. You can rest assured that your requirements and preferences are the main consideration, rather than the motivation to rent a particular villa that may not be quite perfect for your ultimate vacation experience. In most cases, you will be offered a wide variety of properties in various locations on island. A representative of Turks and Caicos Reservation Services is always available to discuss the pros and cons of each individual villa.

Contact: Joanne Phillips, Turks and Caicos Reservations Services
373 South Drive, Lake Lure , NC 28746

Phone: 828-625-9992        Fax: 828-625-1231

The villas offered by Turks and Caicos Reservation Services are individually owned and managed. Most properties are managed by professional, licensed property management firms. Those few not managed by a property management firm, are managed by the owners themselves who live and work on island, and take great pride in their villas. In most cases either the property manager or the owner will meet you at the airport or car rental agency and escort you to your villa. They provide an orientation of the villa and are available during the course of your stay to answer questions and solve any issues relating to the property.. They coordinate maids and provide any service required to assure an enjoyable vacation.

Over 50 Villas To Choose From

All villas listed on this website have been inspected by Turks and Caicos Reservation Services representatives and meet our recommended standards in appearance and minimum inventory requirements consistent with the description and price range. A Turks and Caicos Reservation Services representative has personally stayed for several days in most properties and has extensive island related experience with regard to services and activities on island.

TC Safari Offers Views Unimaginable

If you are looking for a more personal approach and extensive knowledge of Providenciales and the villas offered, please contact Turks and Caicos Reservation Services at 828-625-9992 or email at info@tcreservationservices.com

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